Monday, June 3, 2013

The Latest: {Same Look, Different Day}

Just last week I kind of felt a little wardrobe uninspired.  It's not the biggest problem in the world but through that little rough patch I was able to reevaluate what made my style mine.  I guess if I were to define it in this very moment, I'd say I am more inclined to wear things that are menswear inspired  with clean lines and not too many frills.  My taste has always been pretty simple but I've ventured into more color which is always unexpected and fun. And I guess I kinda love this sort of combination I'm wearing in this post and previously here and here (hence the distinct post title).

Madewell button-down | Gap tee
H&M jeans | Target sunglasses
Old Navy flats | Dior lipstick in 'Favori Red 752'


  1. nice outfit! loving the denim button down!

  2. Sometimes going back to the basics for a little while is the perfect thing to reset my stylemind and rethink my closet. It works!