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This blog focuses on fashion ranging from the runway to the red carpet, street style and my own personal style.  I seek to tap into every area of fashion through my posts and am interested in discovering more.  Styles and tastes change overtime and this blog is a chronicle of the changes in the fashion world and my own personal world.

Interested in teaming up with my blog to host a giveaway?
In that case, this type of partnership can attract readers to both your site and my own blog.  The item that could potentially be given away will be of your own personal choice.  In the event of hosting a giveaway you may also include an offer of a promo code or discount.

What about a product modeling/reviewing?
I love the idea of styling and incorporating new pieces into my personal style, that is the reason for shopping isn't it?  However, if you do think you have products or a line that I would be interested in, it would be of my own disclosure to choose an item that is more representative of my own personal style, in order for me to incorporate the item appropriately into a post.  I will also include "c/o" noting that it was a "courtesy of" item and make a link back to your site in order for readers to know where they can purchase the item.  With all that business aside, I am open to contact from fashion related businesses to spread the hype about up and coming designers.  I've personally seen and read about the type of influence that bloggers have had on the fashion world and am sure that their influence will keep growing.

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